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Your donations make a difference in so many ways and for so many families. Consider a donation today to support CARD’s efforts to make our community a better, more inclusive place for all those affected by autism and related disabilities.


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How Your Donation Can Make a Difference


"CARD was our starting point after our son was diagnosed. They guided us to the right people and resources to help our son succeed. Please help CARD like they helped our son."

M Family

"CARD has been a big help to my family. I have twin boys with autism and they have provided us with support and resources that that have made a big difference in the progress of our boys."


"CARD has helped me personally as a teacher with strategies and resources for my classroom. They have assisted me with support groups at my school and with a partnership. They are super important to me and my school."


"CARD is a lifeline to the autism community. Our son has been tremendously supported by the entire CARD team. They are essential at providing services and guidance to parents of children on the spectrum."


"CARD has been a great organization dedicated to the love of educating those in the community about children/adults with autism and learning disabilities. They have helped our son and provided two free summer camps and one free spring break camp where our son blossomed socially and many educational opportunities to grow."


"CARD plays a big, BIG part of our lives. The continuity of services and all the help for our family and (specifically our son) has been a priceless resource without which we could not live without! These people care about the cause, the cure and more importantly the people who have ASD. Their impact and influence has made a profound impact on my son and family."


CARD has provided many specific services to my daughter from age 5 (1998) to today at the age of 20 (2013). They are professionally focused and offer frustrated and tired parents strategies to make their child and parents’ lives better!